October 26, 2017

Team PRG Welcome


Welcome to the 2017-18 Team PRG season. I am working off of an old email list so if you are no longer with Team PRG, do not want to receive these emails, or know a new Team PRG family who may not be on this list please let me know.

The primary means of team communication is the Team PRG Group on Facebook (not to be confused with the Team PRG Page), so if you are on Facebook, please join the Group and check it regularly for information. This email list is for folks who are not on Facebook and we will try to email this group when we post to the Facebook Group. 

David Harmanos (dad to Team PRG member Olivia and USA Climbing Regional Coordinator), created a Team PRG website several years ago. We are updating it and have posted calendar dates of upcoming USAC and non-USAC comps, as well as some recent results of USAC local bouldering comps. There is a wealth of other information about climbing and Team PRG on the site and we are continuing to update it, so please check it out: http://www.teamprg.org.


For this Saturday's Midnight Burn, since there will be food trucks for people to buy food, trying to host a bake sale will not bring in much $ for the amount of time needed to man the table. So Kim and  Will Beckey will have a table and coolers in the back of the gym just for TEAMPRG kids and parents where they can come to get snacks and drinks. If parents who are coming to the MB would like to donate something for all the TEAM PRG kids that would be great. Some things that might be popular are coffee, sports drinks, bottles of water, fruit, chips, soft pretzels and candy. The Beckeys will provide a few coolers with ice so drinks can be kept cold. 

This communal snack table is a place for kids and parents from the different PRG gyms to meet and socialize. And, the kids can have something to eat during the comp without bugging their parents for money. If you haven't already responded to this post on Facebook, please reply to this email so we know who you are able to donate to the table.

See you at the gym!

Vikki Sloviter (mom to Noah and Benn Wheeler)
Kim and Will Beckey (parents to Addison and Cameron Beckey)

Rope Burn 2019 Results

Follow this link to the Rope Burn 2019 Live Results! https://usactherustbelt.page.link/RopeBurn2019