December 5, 2016

Volunteer for Youth Regionals

Looking for volunteers for next Saturday's 12/10 USAC Bouldering Regional Championships at Philadelphia Rock Gym @ Wyncote. No experience necessary. We will train you. A variety of time slots are available. AM or PM.  Click the link to sign up. 
Volunteers will receive:

  •  2 day passes for Philadelphia Rock Gym
  •  40% off any item in the shop after the competition, that day only.
  •  chances to win gift certificates for evolv shoes,
  •  lunch,
  •  t-shirt while supplies last

The Rustbelt
Youth Regional Championships
December 10, 2016

Philadelphia Rock Gym -  Wyncote
827 Glenside Avenue
Wyncote, PA 19095

Registration is closed. Confirm registration here.
Please fill out  a waiver for Regionals in advance to make check-in go smoothly..

Onsite, 6 climbs per category, 4 minutes climbing, 4 minutes rest.
Competitors are not allowed in the spectating area of the venue until after they climb.
Awards will be given at the end of each wave.
Top 10 in each category advance to Divisional Championships at the Gravity Vault in Upper Saddle River, NJ on January 14 & 15, 2017.

It takes a lot of volunteers to put on a good competition for our young competitors.


Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 432 Pennsylvania Ave, Ft Washington, PA,19034

Parking/Competitor Drop off:
All Competitors must use the ISO Drop Off entrance on Rices Mill Rd for check-in. There is NO PARKING and LIMITED SPACE for drop off at this entrance.
Click here for the map.
Parking for the event is off of Glenside Ave. ALL SPECTATORS must use the first floor Main Entrance indicated on the map above.

Wave 1: FD, MB, MC*
Wave 2: FB, FC, MA*
Wave 3: FA, FJR, MD, MJR*

Gym opens

Volunteer check-in

Wave 1 ISO opens
Judges Meeting
Wave 1 ISO closes

Wave 1 Competitor's Meeting
Wave 1 Climbing Begins
Wave 2 ISO Opens
Wave 2 ISO Closes

Wave 2 Competitor Meeting
Wave 2 Climbing Begins
Wave 1 Climbing Ends
Wave 1 Awards
Wave 3 ISO Opens
Wave 3 ISO Closes

Wave 3 Competitor Meeting
Wave 3 Climbing Begins
Wave 2 Climbing Ends
Wave 2 Awards
Wave 3 Climbing ends
Wave 3 Awards

*Category Birth Year
Youth D 2006 or later
Youth C 2004 or 2005
Youth B 2002 or 2003
Youth A 2000 or 2001
Junior 1998 or 1999
M= Male, F = Female

October 13, 2016

Fall Competition Registration Links

Here are links to sign up for the upcoming climbing competitions. These events are filling up so don't hesitate. Some may be closed already.

Eastern Rustbelt Locals
10/22/2016 Doylestown Rock Gym - Doylestown, PA

10/29/2016 Philadelphia Rock Gym - Oaks, PA

11/05/2016 Gravity Vault - Chatham, NJ
Registration not open yet. check at

11/12/2016 NJRG - Fairfield, NJ

Registration not open yet. check at

11/19/2016 Gravity Vault - Middletown, NJ

Register at in early November

Non USAC :
Gov. Dick/Mount Gretna outdoor comp on Nov. 19
Register at:

August 31, 2016

2016-2017 Team PRG is Starting Soon!

I hope everyone is getting used to going to school again. Even though this may be a bit of a drag, it means that TeamPRG is starting soon so you can climb away those school day blues!

Team Kickoff Meetings

Oaks: Monday Sept 12 @ 7 pm
(Jr and Sr team will practice together for the first day and resume regular schedule after)
Valley: Tuesday Sept 13 @ 7 pm
EF (East Falls): Wednesday Sept 14 @ 7 pm
Wyncote: Thursday Sept 15 @ 7 pm

We encourage parents to attend the meeting that will be at their kids home gym. If that isn't convenient, no worries.

We are looking for parents and climbers to help with team organization this year. The roles we would like to have filled are:
 * Bake Sale Tzar - Coordinate bake sale donations and staffing during competitions
 * Blogger - Help keep up to date
 * Fund Raiser - Come up with creative ideas to fundraise for TeamPRG
 * Scorekeeper - Help with scorekeeping and the Midnight Burn and Regional Champs
 * Judges - Help with judging at MB and RC. We will be hosting judging clinics prior to these events. Stay tuned for more info.

Practice schedule

  Senior: M: 7-9pm W: 7-9pm Sun: 4-6:30pm
  Junior: M: 5:30-7:30pm Th: 5-7pm Sun: 4-6:30pm

Valley: T: 7-9pm Th: 7-9pm Sat: 11-1pm

East Falls: M: 6-8pm W: 7-9pm Fri: 6-8pm

Wyncote: T: 6-8pm Th: 7-9pm Sun: 4-6pm


Eastern Rustbelt Locals
10/15/2016 Gravity Vault - Upper Saddle River, NJ
10/22/2016 Doylestown Rock Gym - Doylestown, PA
10/29/2016 Philadelphia Rock Gym - Oaks, PA
11/05/2016 Gravity Vault - Chatham, NJ
11/12/2016 NJRG - Fairfield, NJ

11/19/2016 Gravity Vault - Middletown, NJ


The Rustbelt Bouldering Regionals
12/10/2016    Philadelphia Rock Gym - Wyncote, PA

Division 7 Bouldering Championships
1/14-15/2017 Gravity Vault - Upper Saddle River, NJ

Bouldering Youth National Championship
2/10-12/2017 Salt Lake City, UT

I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

June 18, 2016

Team PRG Speed Qualifier Results (* names move on to Speed Finals tomorrow)

*Solomon Barth – 2nd
*Conor Gourley – 7th
*Heath Lawrence – 9th

*Gabby Peralta – 3rd
*Leilani Peralta – 4th
*Isabel Gourley – 6th

*Leo Kates – 11th
Alex Pearlstein – 15th

*Olivia Harmanos – 3rd
*Grace Barth – 4th
*Anu McCulloch – 5th

*Lucy Clayton – 4th

*Brodie McCarthy – 4th
Jamie Fritz – 16th

- please let Vikki or Dave Harmanos know if there is an error or omission

Team PRG Divisionals Sport Qualifier Results (* names move on to Sport Finals tomorrow)

*Sol Barth – 1st
*James Pesce – 4th
*Conor Gourley – 9th
Heath Lawrence – 16th

*Gabby Peralta – 2nd
*Leilani Peralta – 3rd
*Isabel Gourley – 10th

*Alex Pearlstein – 1st
*Kevin Celommi – 11th
Leo Kates – 16th


*Noah Wheeler – 8th

*Olivia Harmanos – 2nd
*Grace Barth – 3rd
*Stephanie Celommi – 5th
Anu Mcculloch – 16th
Meghan Mcdevitt – 19th

*Sam Elmore – 3rd
*Creed McFall – 11th

Lucy Clayton – 12th                                                          
Cailyn Carver – 20th

*Benn Wheeler – 1st
*Jackson Erdos – 7th
*Mason Godfrey – 10th
Connor Vitz – 17th

*Brodie Mccarthy - 7th
Jamie Fritz – 20th

- Please let Vikki or Dave Harmanos know if there is an error or omission.

Red River Gorge - by Leo Kates

Here is a brief description of what your child can expect on their trip to the Red River Gorge. Thanks!

Hey Team PRG (and Team PRG parents)! It's your friend Leo! So for those of you that are going on the Red trip for the first time this year, I know that it can be pretty stressful not knowing what to expect. So, I decided to write up a brief description of what day to day life is like when you're there!

Where we stay:

First off, the Red River Gorge, or for short "the Red", is a popular climbing destination comprised of many individual climbing areas (crags), located in Slade, Kentucky. We stay at a camping site called Miguel's, which also has an on-premises pizza restaurant! It's pretty awesome. The camping sight also features a laundromat, which does cost a couple bucks per load, so bring quarters! There are also showers and bathrooms. The showers use tokens, which cost $1 each and give you 4 minutes, so wash quickly! There is also a recreation room, which has FREE wifi (woot woot!) and outlets to charge all of your devices, along with board games and such.

A typical day:

The counselors will wake you up at 8:00am. From there, kids are responsible for getting their things ready for the day ahead. This involves filling both (yes, both. It's very hot!) water bottles and packing up your shoes, harness, chalk, etc. in addition to brushing teeth and all of that fun hygiene stuff. Kids are also responsible for preparing their own breakfast. We will have bagels, cereal, fruit, yogurt, and maybe even foie gras! Okay we won't have foie gras, but we will have those other things. Kids are divided up into work groups, who rotate between making lunch, making dinner, and cleaning dinner dishes. The lunch making group will make you a sandwich of your choosing. There are cold cuts, pb&j, and if you have an allergy they will have an alternative for you. I recommend bringing one of those sandwich containers, because you don't want it to get smushed in your bag! After that, we usually leave at AROUND 10:00. This is weather depending; we may leave at 9:45 or we may leave at 10:30; it all depends on the weather. On the way to the crag, we usually stop at a convenience store, where some kids will buy some snacks with their own money. We also supply chips and cracker type snacks, but if they want something like a cliff bar or a Gatorade, they need to buy it with their own money. Now, different groups go to different crags, depending on what the coaches think will best suit your climbing level and experience. All groups are staffed with a coach, some PRG staff members, and a first aid kit. From where we park, it is usually a 10-20 minute hike to the crag. Kids should wear hiking boots, sandals such as tevas or keens, or some other type of outdoor shoe. Once we get there, the coach will go over safety rules. The coaches will only let kids climb stuff that they deem appropriate and safe for that individual. So, if you typically climb 5.9, they will not be putting you on a 5.13. They also may want you to top rope something before leading it, if you plan on leading it. It's all challenge by choice. We will usually leave the crag by 5-6pm, and drive back to the campsite. The dinner group will cook dinner, and the cleanup group will do the dishes. There are always vegetarian alternatives to the meals. After that, the night is yours. Kids can play games, listen to music, call parents, etc.. Kids must be in their tents, ready for bed by 11:00pm.

Rest days:
Usually we climb for 2 days and then have a rest day. Rest days mean kids can sleep in to their hearts' desires, play games all day, or accompany the counselors on the infamous trip to Walmart! At Walmart, the counselors restock up on food for the next couple days, and after, kids have the opportunity to buy things they may want/need, like more shampoo, extra socks, a one-gallon jar of mayonnaise, really whatever suits them best :). There is a lot of downtime on rest days, so I recommend bringing a good book to read, an iPod, your pet chinchilla, a frisbee, really whatever's fun for you. Sometimes we go on adventures on rest days, which can include (but is not limited to):
-the watering hole
-a bowling alley
-an ice cream shop (my personal favorite!)
And more!

Recommended items to bring, in addition to what's already been stated:

-tent fan
-tent fan
-tent fan
-did I mention a tent fan?
-a deck of cards

Lastly, let's talk about spending money. So, we provide all meals, including one night of pizza every week. However, if kids want to buy some pizza another night, a tshirt from Miguel's, toiletries from Walmart, batteries for their lantern, a 48" flat-screen TV, or whatever else they fancy, they need to pay for it with their spending money. I recommend at least $40 per week. I know this seems like a lot, but it's just a cushion. Kids do not NEED to spend $40/week on anything. In past experience, however, many kids like to buy ice cream from Miguel's at night, or cliff bars from the convenience store. Rest day excursions like bowling require money as well. Have a conversation with your child to determine what is an appropriate amount depending on what they intend to purchase while there.

I hope this helps!! I know this seems like a lot, but it truly is an AWESOME experience! Get psyched!


USAC Climber's Briefing

This Climber's Briefing is issued by USA Climbing. Please read it thoroughly and notice the items in RED. If you don't already know...