October 31, 2017

Gravity Vault Chatham comp registration open

Gravity Vault in Chatham comp this Saturday, November 4, 2017 is the only local comp nearby that still has registration availability. Doylestown Comp on November 11 is already full and on a wait list.

Click here to register for Gravity Vault Chatham if you need another comp before Regionals. Don't delay!

Midnight Burn Adult results 10.28.17

2017 Heart Burn registration open for YOUTH

The annual Heart Burn competition is now open for registration for YOUTH climbers only. The Midnight Burn youth registration was full in five hours, so if your youth climber wants to participate in the Heart Burn, register now: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07eerzgwvr200a184a&oseq=&c=&ch=

What: Heart Burn (2nd competition of the Burn Series)
When: Saturday, December 2, 2017
Time: 9am-11pm
Where: PRG East Falls

(Adult/Open registration will open on November 2.)

Click here for more information on the Burn Series.

October 30, 2017

Governor Dick Bouldering Competition

If you want to get some fresh air while climbing, check out the Governor Dick bouldering comp in Mt. Gretna, PA on November 18, 2017. It's an annual fundraiser for the Governor Dick Park and is always a great time. It is NOT a USAC local competition event.

They are NOT accepting walk-ins, online registration ends November 5 and will be capped at 375 participants this year so make sure you sign up in advance:


Team PRG Snack Table a Success!

Thank you to Kim and Will Beckey (parents of Addison and Cameron) for organizing a Team PRG snack table at this year's Midnight Burn comp at Oaks on October 28, 2017. Instead of hosting a bake sale fundraiser, the Beckeys suggested parents donate snack goods for a free team table where climbers and parents could pick up some grub, mingle, and meet each other. It was a huge success and we hope to have a similar team snack table at future comps.

JIB/Midnight Burn October 28, 2017

2017 Bouldering Local PRG Oaks 10.28.17

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Caccese, Maddie PRG PA 11700 1
Napoletano, Elena Team DRG PA 8100 2
Kushmerick, Julia Earth Treks MD 1000 3
Benepe, Maya MD 1000 3
Brody, Caroline Earth Treks MD
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Garner, Alex MD 25500 1
Zanar, Jake PRG PA 23800 2
Trexler, Michael PRG PA 22400 3
Rottinghaus, Ryan Earth Treks MD 15100 4
Houlton, Drew Team DRG PA 13600 5
Schwenk, Tyler PRG PA 8100 6
Allwein, Jacob PRG PA 1000 7
Celommi, Kevin PRG PA 1000 7
Vincent, Luke PRG PA 1000 7
VanMeter, Matt PRG PA 1000 7
Kates, Leo PRG PA
Moriarty, Sean Earth Treks MD
Tankersley, Jackson Team Rock Mill OH
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Barth, Grace PRG PA 21800 1
Altonen, Sara PA 18900 2
Kaminetz, Annie PRG PA 18700 3
Alpher, Reese Earth Treks DC 14900 4
Cochran, Madeline Earth Treks MD 14100 5
Strauss, Rebecca PRG PA 13400 6
Magland, Bonnie PA 13000 7
Loden, Eleanor PRG PA 9500 8
da Cruz, Rachel PA 7400 9
Kim, Mae Earth Treks MD 4500 10
Trexler, Allyson PRG PA 1000 11
McDevitt, Meghan PRG PA 1000 11
Harmanos, Olivia PRG PA 1000 11
Celommi, Stephanie PA 1000 11
McCulloch, Anupama PRG PA
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Lehrer, Benjamin PRG PA 24900 1
Fitter, Andrew Earth Treks MD 24800 2
Parsons, Ian Earth Treks MD 24200 3
Barry, Aidan NJ 23900 4
Lingle, Matthew Earth Treks MD 22800 5
Cohen, Max PRG PA 22600 6
Barrett, Ben Earth Treks MD 20600 7
Kim, Dylan Earth Treks MD 20300 8
Soergel, Griff PRG PA 20200 9
Sussman, Carter PRG PA 18300 10
Grieff, Trevor Earth Treks MD 17400 11
da Cruz, Max PA 17300 12
Haymes, Thomas Earth Treks VA 14900 13
Johnston, Jacob PA 14700 14
Bertolino, Ryan PRG PA 14200 15
Butler, Jimmy PA 13100 16
Gaither, Jensen Earth Treks MD 12900 17
da Cruz, Alex Team DRG PA 5200 18
Mast, Carson PRG PA 1000 19
Au, Eli Earth Treks VA
Wheeler, Noah PRG PA
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
McCormick, Annika Earth Treks MD 25900 1
Haegele, Arwen Team DRG PA 21500 2
Donald, Zoe Earth Treks MD 20600 3
Tran, Thalia Earth Treks VA 19600 4
Song, Ella Earth Treks MD 19300 5
McClure, Lillian PRG PA 18800 6
Ferrando, Keely Earth Treks DC 15800 7
Choo, Jocelyn MD 15800 8
Patel, Nina PA 15700 9
Gomez, Alicia PRG PA 15200 10
Naidich, Abigail The Gravity Vault NJ 15000 11
Moan, Anna Earth Treks VA 14500 12
Lehrer, Talia PRG PA 13900 13
Sturgis, Jessica Team DRG PA 12700 14
Roskes, Nava Earth Treks DC 12100 15
Myer, Scout Team DRG PA 10800 16
McDonald, Erin Team DRG PA 10600 17
Fridman, Laya Earth Treks MD 5800 18
Klaris, Eloise PRG PA 1000 19
Cichon, Alexa Gravity Vault-Middletown NJ
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Kaminetz, Joe PRG PA 19800 1
Freedman, Benjamin Earth Treks DC 18800 2
Davison, Jack Earth Treks MD 18200 3
Lairdieson, Colby PRG PA 16800 4
Headley, Matthew Team DRG PA 15700 5
Seasholtz, David PRG PA 15300 6
Gross, Jack Team DRG PA 13700 7
Kunz, David Team DRG PA 13400 8
Sobel, Phineas Earth Treks MD 10400 9
Sachs, Matthew Earth Treks MD 8300 10
Dausch, Alexander Earth Treks MD 8100 11
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Song, Lahna Earth Treks MD 19500 1
Press, Madeleine Earth Treks MD 16700 2
Brugmann, Piper PRG PA 16400 3
Frank, Reese Crush Climbing DE 14400 4
Zumpano, Ava Earth Treks MD 13400 5
Beckey, Cameron PRG PA 12500 6
Fritz, Jamie PRG PA 11300 7
Kellich, Mia PRG PA 11100 8
Fitler, Cassidy PA 7100 9
Tran, Phoebe Earth Treks VA 6300 10
Naidich, Ella The Gravity Vault NJ 100 11
McCormick, Rowyn Earth Treks MD
Olin, Sienna Earth Treks MD
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Wheeler, Benn PRG PA 26200 1
Gaszner, Martin Earth Treks MD 23800 2
Carre, Sebastian PRG PA 21300 3
Miller, Josh PRG PA 19100 4
Picker, Ty MD 18500 5
Baker, Matthew Earth Treks MD 15000 6
Moriarty, Ryan Earth Treks MD 14200 7
Templin Ashford, Noah Team DRG PA 14100 8
Haegele, Wyatt Team DRG PA 11900 9
Godfrey, Mason Jones PRG PA 11800 10
Carre, Christophe PRG PA 8500 11
Vandermolen, Carter Team DRG PA 8200 12
Harmon, MJ Team DRG PA 8100 13
Hockstein, Aaron Crush Climbing DE 6700 14
Tornese, Alex NJ 1800 15
Vitz, Connor PRG PA 1000 16
Lopez, Alex Earth Treks MD
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Cass, Sydney Earth Treks MD 15200 1
Shimomura, Noelani Earth Treks MD 13900 2
Buczko, Allison Team DRG PA 11800 3
Beckey, Addison PRG PA 10600 4
Mahar-Piersma, Maren MD 9100 5
Ross, Ella PA 7700 6
Miller, Cala PRG PA 7400 7
Rogers, Lilly Earth Treks MD 7400 8
Clark, Morgan NJ 7000 9
Hoffman, Piper PA 5500 10
Grant, Jasmine PRG PA
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Erdos, Jackson PRG PA 14100 1
Haugeto, Konrad Team DRG NJ 10900 2
Stewart, Foster PRG PA 10600 3
Mckernan, Timothy DE 8800 4
Gaszner, Mason MD 8000 5
Rossi, Luca Earth Treks MD 7800 6
Frank, Cadel DE 5400 7
Moriarty, Liam Earth Treks MD 3900 8

October 26, 2017

Team PRG: Get to Know...

Team PRG community,

I'd like to try something new this year: a "Get to Know [a Team PRG climber]" feature for team members new and seasoned alike. If you think your climber would like to participate, please let me know. I will email interested participants a short conversational questionnaire about who they are, why they climb, and random questions to keep it fun. If they are willing to share a photo of them climbing or doing something else they love, that'd be great. I will post a new Get to Know feature on the Team PRG Facebook page, on the Team PRG website, and via email once a week, every other week, or once a month depending on how many interested climbers there are. 

Thanks so much, Vikki

Email me at sloviter@gmail.com if your climber would like to participate.

Team PRG Welcome


Welcome to the 2017-18 Team PRG season. I am working off of an old email list so if you are no longer with Team PRG, do not want to receive these emails, or know a new Team PRG family who may not be on this list please let me know.

The primary means of team communication is the Team PRG Group on Facebook (not to be confused with the Team PRG Page), so if you are on Facebook, please join the Group and check it regularly for information. This email list is for folks who are not on Facebook and we will try to email this group when we post to the Facebook Group. 

David Harmanos (dad to Team PRG member Olivia and USA Climbing Regional Coordinator), created a Team PRG website several years ago. We are updating it and have posted calendar dates of upcoming USAC and non-USAC comps, as well as some recent results of USAC local bouldering comps. There is a wealth of other information about climbing and Team PRG on the site and we are continuing to update it, so please check it out: http://www.teamprg.org.


For this Saturday's Midnight Burn, since there will be food trucks for people to buy food, trying to host a bake sale will not bring in much $ for the amount of time needed to man the table. So Kim and  Will Beckey will have a table and coolers in the back of the gym just for TEAMPRG kids and parents where they can come to get snacks and drinks. If parents who are coming to the MB would like to donate something for all the TEAM PRG kids that would be great. Some things that might be popular are coffee, sports drinks, bottles of water, fruit, chips, soft pretzels and candy. The Beckeys will provide a few coolers with ice so drinks can be kept cold. 

This communal snack table is a place for kids and parents from the different PRG gyms to meet and socialize. And, the kids can have something to eat during the comp without bugging their parents for money. If you haven't already responded to this post on Facebook, please reply to this email so we know who you are able to donate to the table.

See you at the gym!

Vikki Sloviter (mom to Noah and Benn Wheeler)
Kim and Will Beckey (parents to Addison and Cameron Beckey)

October 24, 2017

2017 Bouldering Local Gravity Vault Upper Saddle, October 21, 2017

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Martino, Amanda NJ Ascenders NJ 43000 1
Gause, Alison NJ 22400 2
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Martinus, Jack NJ 47500 1
Bonnecaze, Matthew The Gravity Vault NJ 44700 2
Marchesini, Joe NJ 43100 3
Duff, Mateo NJ Ascenders NJ 41200 4
Cascino, Jared The Gravity Vault NJ 40300 5
Naim, Isaac The Gravity Vault NJ 37900 6
Houlton, Drew Doylestown Rock Gym PA 17900 7
Karlin, Zach Team GSR NJ 17600 8
Hutchinson, Aidan The Gravity Vault NJ 11300 9
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Shea, Catherine The Gravity Vault NJ 38800 1
Imperiale, Margaret Team Rock NJ 37400 2
Trexler, Allyson Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 34100 3
de Laforcade, Kate NJ Ascenders NJ 20500 4
Soliwoda, Kasia NJ 12300 5
Kelson, Rachael NJ 11100 6
Buchauer, Teresa High Exposure NY 9900 7
Marantan, Malia SportRock VA 6600 8
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Wheeler, Noah Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 46700 1
Mencl, Luthor NJ 41000 2
Hankowski, Luke NJ 38300 3
Chirichella, Thomas The Gravity Vault NJ 37700 4
Rafter, Logan High Exposure NY 36800 5
Theisen, Jason The Gravity Vault NJ 33600 6
Krebs, Jacob The Gravity Vault NJ 29300 7
Tedrow, Jonathan NY 23800 8
Goldman, Ethan The Gravity Vault NJ 22600 9
OGNAR, Theo The Gravity Vault NJ 19100 10
Buchalter, Logan NJ 10400 11
George, Lucas Doylestown Rock Gym PA 1500 12
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Brenner, Lauren The Gravity Vault NJ 38100 1
Klaris, Eloise Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 37900 2
Phillips, Alyssa NJ Ascenders NJ 31800 3
Tom, Elizabeth High Exposure NJ 30200 4
Heppe, Amelia Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 25600 5
Leaf, Natalia NJ Ascenders NJ 22100 6
Cichon, Alexa The Gravity Vault-Middletown NJ 21000 7
Pierce, Mackenzie The Gravity Vault NJ 20600 8
Levine, Natalia NJ Ascenders NJ 19200 9
Marantan, Kalei SportRock VA 11700 10
Raveh, Maya The Gravity Vault NJ 9800 11
Myer, Scout Doylestown Rock Gym PA 6500 12
Kontoleon, Alyssa The Gravity Vault NJ 6100 13
Esposito, Emily NY 5200 14
Carlin, Emma The Gravity Vault NJ 5000 15
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Marks, Turner High Exposure NJ 28300 1
Greenberg, Dillon The Gravity Vault NJ 24100 2
Connor, Quinn High Exposure NY 20700 3
Alin-Hvidsten, Zachary The Gravity Vault NJ 20400 4
Sidorov, Nikita Team GSR NJ 17600 5
Jessup, Elijah The Gravity Vault NJ 16400 6
Cronin, Thomas High Exposure NY 15700 7
bloomfield, matthew NJ 12800 8
Molzer, Peter NJ Ascenders NJ 10700 9
Sidorov, Danil Team GSR NJ 9600 10
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Fisher, Marly The Gravity Vault NY 16400 1
Hutchinson, Talia The Gravity Vault NJ 15700 2
Intagliata, Celeste The Gravity Vault NJ 15500 3
Connor, Amelia High Exposure NY 15000 4
Schindler, Kaia The Gravity Vault NJ 8500 5
Applegate, Ava The Gravity Vault-Middletown NJ 7900 6
Elias, Alexandria Doylestown Rock Gym PA 7800 7
Dhupar, Simran The Gravity Vault NJ 4900 8
Lynch, Kaitlyn The Gravity Vault-Middletown NJ 4700 9
Freund, Paige NJ 3500 10
Gleybman, Alice The Gravity Vault NY 3200 11
Naidich, Ella The Gravity Vault NJ 2100 12
Raines, Tessa High Exposure NY
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Wheeler, Benn Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 38300 1
DiCarlo, Logan High Exposure NJ 18900 2
Keller, Keegan High Exposure NY 5900 3
Preston, Hayden NJ 5400 4
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Huang, Tessa Team Rock NJ 19800 1
Brady, Echo High Exposure NY 13200 2
Huang, Mila The Gravity Vault NJ 9700 3
Cauble, Grace The Gravity Vault-Middletown NJ 6500 4
Gavrylenko, Oleksandra NJ 3800 5
Manolis, Ava The Gravity Vault NJ 2900 6
Murphy, Margaret NJ 800 7
Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Burt, James The Gravity Vault NJ 25300 1
Demetriou, Koa Team GSR NJ 22900 2
Kelemen, Conor High Exposure NY 18900 3
DiCarlo, Mickey High Exposure NJ 12300 4
Haugeto, Konrad Doylestown Rock Gym NJ 11000 5
Platko, Joshua The Gravity Vault-Middletown NJ 8000 6
Caruso, Henry NJ 4700 7
Schwartz, Miles High Exposure NJ 4400 8
Rizzo, Tyler NJ 3200 9
Gates, Anders DE 3100 10
Fisher, Zachary NY 2700 11
Burt, Micah NY 2500 12
Keller, Kevin High Exposure NY

Rope Burn 2019 Results

Follow this link to the Rope Burn 2019 Live Results! https://usactherustbelt.page.link/RopeBurn2019