December 7, 2017

USAC Climber's Briefing

This Climber's Briefing is issued by USA Climbing. Please read it thoroughly and notice the items in RED. If you don't already know, this season there is a new zone scoring system for championship events (Regionals, Divisonals, and Nationals), so even if you are a seasoned competitor, please read this carefully as the scoring has changed from past years. 

Click here to watch a video on bouldering competition rules, and click here to read the USAC Rulebook (the zone scoring is described on page 41, section 5.18.5).

Travel safely, and see you in Pittsburgh!

** As of 5:45pm December 7, ASCEND: Pittsburgh does not yet have a running order. They will post it on the Facebook Rustbelt Region page as well as the Rustbelt Regionalsinformation page as soon as they have created it so make sure to check those locations. I will email it as soon as I see it posted.


Rustbelt Regional Championship
Climber's Briefing

Format: 6 problems, 4 minutes climbing each problem

  • Start holds are marked with two flashes of tape
  • If two start holds: must have one hand on each hold
  • If one start hold: must have both hands on that hold
  • No "flying starts" — must clearly control of start hold(s) before moving to next hold
  • Once both feet are off the ground, the attempt is recorded
  • Don't touch non-start holds while on the ground
  • Brushing is allowed, only by climber, while on the ground not touching the wall
  • Zone holds are marked with flash of tape connected to "5", "10", "15" point signs
  • Zone holds require only one hand control
  • Finish hold is marked with flash of tape connected to "25" point sign
  • Finish hold requires clear two-hand control
  • Make eye contact with judge to confirm finish (e.g., thumbs up)
On-route / Off-route
  • Features (e.g., arĂȘte) are on
  • All holds and volumes in your "lane" are on
  • Top of wall is off;  Side edge of wall is off
  • T-nut holes in wall and volumes are off; Bolt holes in holds themselves are on
  • Red tape — soft boundary:
    • Can’t touch tape or beyond with hands
    • Can't use holds or volumes beyond tape with any part of body
    • Can flag/smear/hook on wall surface with feet or other non-hand parts of body
  • Black tape — hard boundary:
    • Can’t touch tape or beyond with any part of body
  • Questions about the problem? Ask the judge
“Two Second” Rule
  • One way to achieve control is to touch a hold for two seconds while in a stable, controlled position
  • This means:
    • Must be at least 2 seconds. Any doubt, then no control will be given
    • Absolutely no movement of hand or body
Technical Incidents (a "technical")
  • Some occurrences beyond climber's control can be a technical
  • E.g., spinning/broken hold, collision with another climber, timing system failure
  • Issues with clothing or hair, twisted ankles, etc. are not technicals
  • Climber must call a technical immediately and, if judge agrees, climber must cease the attempt or forfeit ability to call technical
  • No tick marks! No chalking holds or wall
  • Audio announcement ("Time, time") defines the climbing period
  • While in the chair you are still in ISO (no communication with coaches, parents or friends, and no turning around to look at the wall)
  • No beta, coaching or advice while climber is on the wall
  • Appeals: without overwhelming evidence, the default is to defer to original determination of the route judge
  • Check with judge before moving any pads to ensure that you don’t endanger a climber on an adjacent problem
After each problem
  • If you finish problem before time is elapsed, sit in chair for remaining time
  • If you disagree with judge's score, let them know, but don't argue. Appeal to chief judge when you've finished all climbs. Video is helpful.
  • You don't need to sign your scorecard.

If you have questions after reading this briefing, let the ISO monitor know and the Chief Judge will come talk to you.

December 3, 2017

Regionals Waiver Form

USAC Bouldering regionals is Saturday, December 9 at ASCEND: Pittsburgh. Please fill out their online waiver in advance to save time.
Once you fill out and digitally sign the online portion, check the email address you provided to finalize the process. The waiver is not complete until you confirm your email. You will then receive a second email to confirm that your waiver has been sent to all parties, and you can download a copy for your records.  
Click here for additional Regionals information.
Click here to sign up to volunteer. 

2017 Heart Burn Results

Congrats to everyone who competed in the 5th annual Heart Burn at East Falls on December 2, 2017. Here are the results. They can also be found online.

Youth results:

Adult Results:

November 27, 2017

Governor Dick Mount Gretna Bouldering Comp Results November 19, 2017

USAC 2017 Bouldering Youth Regionals Preliminary Schedule

USAC 2017 Bouldering Youth Regionals will be held at ASCEND Pittsburgh on December 9, 2017.

This is the preliminary schedule based on current registrations (as of November 27, 2017).

Regular registration ends November 30 at 11:59 MT, with a late registration ($100 late fee) running through December 2. 

Make sure you register your climber with USAC in time!

November 24, 2017

Heart Burn Registration

The annual Heart Burn bouldering competition is Saturday, December 2, 2017 at East Falls. This is the second of four Burn Series competitions. The Youth portion is also a JIBS qualifier.


Who can attend?
Anyone! Both Kids and Adults–Open and Amateur. All Amateur competitors & Spectators are welcome!
When is it?
Date: Saturday, December 2, 2017
Youth (All Categories)
Check In Opens:    9:00 am
Competition Start: 10:00 am
Competition End:  ~1:00 pm
Adults (All Categories)
Check In Opens: 3:00 pm
Pre-Lims Start:   4:00 pm
Pre-lims End:     7:00 pm
Open Finals Start:  8:30 pm
All times subject to change. Call 877-822-7673 for updates.
  What does it cost?$44.50 Pre-Registered*  /  $49.50 at the Door    Deadline for Pre-registration is December 1, 2017 at 8 pm.
*PRG Members save $5 off pre-registration fee. Use the code PRGM to receive your discount.
(Cannot be combined with any other offer)
How do I register?
Register online or by calling 877-822-7673

Dyno Comp Results November 18, 2017

November 16, 2017

Team PRG Sleep Over and Social

PRG team sleepovers are opportunities to allow junior and senior team members across all four PRG locations in Oaks, Coatesville, East Falls and Wyncote to get to know each other to become a more cohesive team. Typical activities include climbing, team-building activities such as crate stacking, hide & seek, movies, board games, and giving Coach Tom a headache. Kids are welcome to bring games to share. 

Sleepover commences immediately after the Dyno Comp at the East Falls location on Saturday, December 16, 2017. Kids do NOT have to be registered for the Dyno Comp to attend the sleepover.  Please arrive no later than 6:30 pm. Sleepover lock down is 7 pm.

PRG will provide at least two senior-level coaches to provide supervision throughout the event. They always strive to have at least one male and one female coach. At lights out, boys are required to sleep on one side of the gym and girls are required to sleep on the other side. There will be clear separation and supervision.

Click here to to RSVP to the Sleepover.

Attendance is FREE. A pizza dinner will also be provided at no additional cost. We only ask for food or beverage contributions to keep the kids and coaches well fed during the event.   


We would like to request food/beverage contributions to supplement the pizza that will be provided for dinner, snacking and breakfast. Additionally, a few parent volunteers are needed to assist with the food scene so coaches can focus on the kids.

Please click on the "What to Bring" portion on the left-hand side of the Evite to sign up.

Bring your climbing gear, sleeping bag, pillow and any other items you consider bedtime necessities.  Electronics are permitted (please bring headphones).

Please do not bring anything valuable as the gym is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Note:  If your child travels with any special needs such as Epipens or medical devices – please contact Coach Tom and Kim Beckey ( to ensure these items get into the correct hands.

Any additional questions still about the sleepover, contact any of the following individuals:
  • Kim Beckey (
  • Will Beckey (
  • Tom Meehan ( 

RSVP here!

2017 Bouldering Local Doylestown Rock Gym Results, 11.11.2017

Female Junior

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Napoletano, Elena Team DRG PA 14400 1

Male Junior

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Houlton, Drew Team DRG PA 22600 1
Trexler, Michael Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 20800 2
Kemp, William Earth Treks MD 19100 3
Lamourt, Jarek Earth Treks MD 18800 4
Kates, Leo Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 500 5

Female Youth A

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Albores, Isabel Earth Treks MD 27400 1
McDevitt, Meghan Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 24000 2
McCulloch, Anupama Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 22200 3
da Cruz, Rachel
PA 21500 4
Trexler, Allyson Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 21400 5
Magland, Bonnie
PA 20400 6
Kaminetz, Annie Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 18800 7
Loden, Eleanor Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 15200 8
Piera, Katherine Earth Treks MD 8400 9

Male Youth A

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Snyder, Benjamin Earth Treks MD 30000 1
Wheeler, Noah Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 30000 2
Ranelli, Nick Team DRG PA 27200 3
Sussman, Carter Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 26500 4
da Cruz, Alex Team DRG PA 24800 5
Mast, Carson Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 24600 6
Cohen, Max Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 23000 7
Funck, Kyle
PA 22900 8
Soergel, Griff Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 20100 9
Bennertz, Ethan Earth Treks MD 18500 10
Bertolino, Ryan Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 18400 11
George, Lucas Team DRG PA 17000 12
Haymes, Thomas Earth Treks VA 16400 13
Johnston, Jacob Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 14400 14
Stachel, Jackson Team DRG PA 13000 15
da Cruz, Max
PA 6200 16

Female Youth B

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Frenia, Alexandra Team DRG PA 26800 1
McCormick, Annika Earth Treks MD 26700 2
Yolen, Ella Team CRG-Watertown MA 23700 3
Klaris, Eloise Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 23500 4
Haegele, Arwen Team DRG PA 20700 5
Heppe, Amelia Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 19000 6
Weiland Zuckman, Sophia Earth Treks MD 18600 7
Witter, Hannah
PA 17500 8
Krakovsky, Samantha Earth Treks MD 17300 9
McGinty, Lucy Team DRG PA 16900 10
McDonald, Erin Team DRG PA 15400 11
Gomez, Alicia Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 14200 12
Rager, Auriana
PA 11500 13
Weinhold, Emmerson Team DRG PA 11400 14
Libelo, Hannah Earth Treks VA 8100 15

Male Youth B

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Kunz, David Team DRG PA 28400 1
Dasti, Laith Earth Treks MD 23700 2
Lairdieson, Colby Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 21000 3
Tartt, Oliver Earth Treks MD 19800 4
Headley, Matthew Team DRG PA 18600 5
Kaminetz, Joe Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 16700 6
Gross, Jack Team DRG PA 15500 7
Frenia, Owen Team DRG PA 9100 8
Gourgey, Sawyer Earth Treks DC 8100 9

Female Youth C

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Cohen, Nadia Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 19400 1
Herrera, Alexis Team DRG PA 18600 2
Brugmann, Piper Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 17700 3
Pohl, Laura Earth Treks MD 17700 4
DOrazio, Liviana Spooky Nook PA 15800 5
Beckey, Cameron Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 14600 6
Elias, Alexandria Team DRG PA 13700 7
Olin, Sienna Earth Treks MD 13700 8
Kellich, Mia Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 12300 9
Idriss, Aniset Earth Treks DC 11400 10
McCormick, Rowyn Earth Treks MD 8600 11
Kimmel, Reese
PA 6500 12

Male Youth C

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Wheeler, Benn Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 27300 1
Miller, Josh Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 19100 2
Funke, Kyle Team DRG PA 18100 3
Varughese, Joshua Team DRG NJ 18100 4
Carre, Sebastian Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 17800 5
Templin Ashford, Noah Team DRG PA 16200 6
Nichilo, Cornelius Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 14800 7
Harmon, MJ Team DRG PA 12700 8
Bean, Maxwell
PA 12600 9
Haegele, Wyatt Team DRG PA 12500 10
Godfrey, Mason Jones Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 12200 11
Vandermolen, Carter Team DRG PA 10700 12
Shaman, Ethan
PA 10600 13
Kemp, James Earth Treks MD 8700 14
Carre, Christophe Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 8000 15
Lippiatt-Cook, Nico
PA 7900 16
MD 7800 17

Female Youth D

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Ross, Ella
PA 13100 1
Beckey, Addison Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 12400 2
Buczko, Allison Team DRG PA 12000 3
Pohl, Charlotte Earth Treks MD 8300 4
Berger, Abigail Earth Treks MD 7200 5
Clayton, Amarisa Team DRG PA 3100 6
williams, ella may
PA 2600 7

Male Youth D

Competitor Name Team Name State Points Rank
Haugeto, Konrad Team DRG NJ 12400 1
Stewart, Foster Philadelphia Rock Gym PA 10600 2
Mace, Eli Earth Treks MD 8400 3
Lemerise, Jack Earth Treks MD 6400 4

Rope Burn 2019 Results

Follow this link to the Rope Burn 2019 Live Results!