October 26, 2017

Team PRG: Get to Know...

Team PRG community,

I'd like to try something new this year: a "Get to Know [a Team PRG climber]" feature for team members new and seasoned alike. If you think your climber would like to participate, please let me know. I will email interested participants a short conversational questionnaire about who they are, why they climb, and random questions to keep it fun. If they are willing to share a photo of them climbing or doing something else they love, that'd be great. I will post a new Get to Know feature on the Team PRG Facebook page, on the Team PRG website, and via email once a week, every other week, or once a month depending on how many interested climbers there are. 

Thanks so much, Vikki

Email me at sloviter@gmail.com if your climber would like to participate.

USAC Climber's Briefing

This Climber's Briefing is issued by USA Climbing. Please read it thoroughly and notice the items in RED. If you don't already know...