May 29, 2013

Climbing didn't make the Olympic cut for 2020 games

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) made the short list shorter today  announcing that only baseball/softball, wrestling and squash will be considered for inclusion in the 2020 games. Sport climbing along with karate, roller sports, wakeboarding and wushu were eliminated from further consideration.

The IOC executive board voted by secret ballot over several rounds.  ESPN reported that wrestling won the first round with eight of the 14 votes. Baseball-softball beat karate 9-5 in a head-to-head vote to win its spot on the list. Squash got through in the final round, getting eight votes to defeat wushu with four and sport climbing with two.

May 24, 2013

Team Picnic & Awards - 2013

at PRG - Valley 
on Sunday, June 9th at 5 pm. 

Please bring an item to the picnic. (i.e. pasta salad, vegetables, fruit, deserts, pies, cupcakes, chicken, pizza, hambergers, etc.) It's 100% potluck. Please respond to the facebook post listing the item you plan to bring so that we do not have any duplicates! 

Team members 13 years or younger (or older with a coach's approval) are more than welcome to climb at YCS that day at 1 PM for FREE! We are having a small carnival from 4-5 pm after YCS and before the picnic so feel free to stay for that as well! Bring friends and family!

May 23, 2013

YCS Finale Carnival - June 9, 2013

YCS Finale - Carnival
Sunday June 9, 
from 12:30 pm to 5 pm 
at Valley Township.

An afternoon of climbing, carnival games, refreshments and prizes in our final youth climbing event of the season! Kids come new friends, climb our walls, and have a great time! No climbing experience is necessary.

YCS stands for Youth Climbing Series.  There are four YCS events each the year.  It is a friendly event designed for young climbers age 3 to 13 with both bouldering and top-rope climbing.  Fun games and awards follow the climbing. YCS is a great way to introduce friends and siblings to climbing.

The cost is $25 however, the fee is waived for TeamPRG members.  Equipment rental is included.

Call the gym at 1-877-822-ROPE for more information.

Philadelphia Rock Gym - Valley
255 South Mount Airy Road
Valley Township, PA 19320

*photo is for theme purposes and is not a representation of the actual event.

May 12, 2013

TeamPRG Wins 2013 SCS Capitol Region Championship

It was an was an incredible day for TeamPRG at the 2013 SCS Regional Championship at Earthtreks Climbing Center in Rockville, MD. The team pulled together and even though they had 15 fewer competitors than the Earthtreks reigning champs they were able to out score them by 30 points for the upset, 1660 to 1630. 

The 32 Team PRG participants collected 8 gold, 13 silver and 7 bronze medals in Sport and Speed events. 28 team members earned automatic bids to the Division 5 Championships to be held in Watertown, MA next month where they will compete against climbers from Maine to Virginia. 

Congratulations to all who participated. Thanks to our Coaches Randi Goldberg and David Rowland. Thanks to the parents for the refreshments and support.

Our 2013 Divisional teams consists of:

Female Youth D
Male Youth D
Anupama Mcculloch - Sport, Speed
Noah Wheeler - Sport, Speed
Cara Fields - Sport, Speed
Benn Wheeler - Sport, Speed
Lily Higgins - Sport, Speed
Soren Carlson - Sport, Speed
Creed Mcfall - Sport, Speed
Female Youth C
Male Youth C
Grace Barth - Sport, Speed
Tyler Schwenk - Sport, Speed
Olivia Harmanos - Sport, Speed
Ryan Byrd - Sport, Speed
Jenna Pearlstein - Sport
Griffin Barros-King - Sport, Speed
Gwyneth Turner - Sport
Matthew Van Meter - Sport, Speed
Leo Kates - Speed
Female Youth B
Male Youth B
Leilani Peralta - Sport, Speed
Conor Gourley - Sport
Gabrielle Peralta - Sport, Speed
Alex Pearlstein - Sport
Madison Wester - Sport, Speed
Female Youth A
Male Youth A
Zoe Steinberg - Sport, Speed
Jesse Grupper - Sport, Speed
Solomon Barth - Sport, Speed
Jacob Woods - Sport, Speed
Gregory Chu - Speed
Female Junior
Male Junior
Brooke Weil - Sport, Speed
Steven Chu - Sport, Speed

May 8, 2013

SCS 2013 Capitol Region Championships at Earthtreks, Rockville, MD

Where: Earth Treks Climbing Center, Rockville, MD [Directions]
When: Saturday, May 11, 2013
Format: Single round onsight sport competition for youth only with four climbs per age/gender category.
Registration is closed.

  • 8am: Isolation opens for ALL climbers.
  • 9am: Isolation closes for ALL climbers.
  • 9:05am:  Climber rules meeting, Judges meeting.
  • 9:30am:  Route previews.
  • 10am:  Climbing begins.
  • 2pm:  Sport climbing ends.
  • 3pm: Speed climbing ends.
  • 3:30pm:  Awards
Speed for each category will begin 30 minutes following that category's sport round conclusion.  Estimated speed times are below.  Final speed times will be posted prior to the event. 

The top 7 eligible competitors in each category receive automatic invitations to Divisionals.

Estimated Speed Times:
11:30am:  MJr, FJr, MD, FC
12:45pm:  FD, FB
1:15pm:  FA
2:15pm:  MB, MC, MA

Volunteers:  Earthtreks is still in need of volunteers.  If you would like to be a volunteer judge, belayer, isolation monitor, or scoring assistant, please contact Morgan Way at
    Parking:  Parking in Rockville can be tight, but other local organizations have offered their lots to us.  The High School across the street should be available.  The Sandy Spring Bank is available AFTER 12pm.  There is also street parking on Fleet St. and Mt. Vernon St. (along the side of the car dealership).

    Running Orders:


    Female Junior SPORT
    1 Mollie Selmanoff
    2 Sabrina Dawson
    3 Brooke Weil
    4 Julianna Jimreivat
    5 Kennedy Logan

    Female A SPORT
    1 Nicole Maksimovic
    2 Claire Bresnan
    3 Kim Willard-Mack
    4 Gabrielle Tourtellotte
    5 Nadja Osiander
    6 Isabel Gourley
    7 Kayla Lieuw
    8 Kira Ratcliffe
    9 Kerry Scott
    10 Tegan Wilson
    11 Catharine Rogers
    12 Ada Saker
    13 Zoe Steinberg
    14 Emma Wilson

    Female B SPORT
    1 Rachel Bisson
    2 Lydia Frentsos
    3 Alli Krahe
    4 Gabrielle Peralta
    5 Lauren Weinberger
    6 Hannah Sweeney
    7 Madison Wester
    8 Sophie Armiger
    9 Jessica Maltbie
    10 Alana Hull
    11 Ingrid Hazbon
    12 Leilani Peralta
    13 Amelia Siwa

    Female C SPORT
    1 Grace Barth
    2 Grace Brennan
    3 Elise Shattuck
    4 Jenna Pearlstein
    5 Elizabeth Mealiea
    6 Elizabeth Pearson
    7 Maya Benepe
    8 Olivia Harmanos
    9 Katy Wolfe
    10 Gwyneth Turner
    11 Arabella Jariel

    Female D SPORT
    1 Kalie Denike
    2 Lucy Clayton
    3 Brodie Mccarthy
    4 Anupama McCulloch
    5 Cara Fields
    6 Jillian Vordick
    7 Lily Higgins
    8 Kiley Hudson

    Male Junior SPORT
    1 Alec Wallack
    2 Steven Chu
    3 Nicholas Cotten

    Male A SPORT
    1 James Pesce
    2 Christopher Byrom
    3 Gabriel Fish
    4 Mark Podrabinnik
    5 Nic Curtin
    6 Matthew Lambdin
    7 Jesse Grupper
    8 Solomon Barth
    9 Brandon Marquart
    10 Jacob Woods
    11 Benjamin Schulman
    12 Evan Smail
    13 Chris Watts
    14 Chance Williams
    15 Nathan Schumacher
    16 Gregory Chu
    17 William Dressnandt
    18 Randy Fawcett

    Male B SPORT
    1 Addison Guynn
    2 Matthew Bisson
    3 Jacob Hamsher
    4 Eli Zajicek
    5 Brandon Lieuw
    6 Elan Arnowitz
    7 Jon Erik Lupo
    8 Alex Pearlstein
    9 Nathaniel Rowthorn-Apel
    10 Alec Laboski
    11 Matthew Ragle
    12 Ian Florang
    13 Ryan Tracy
    14 Andrei Raducanu
    15 Bryce Dubayah
    16 Jacob Fields
    17 Conor Gourley
    18 Spencer Buckler
    19 Eric Jerome
    20 Ethan Moscoso

    Male C SPORT
    1 Caleb Dole
    2 Griffin Barros-King
    3 Ryan Byrd
    4 Tyler Schwenk
    5 Noah Bratschi
    6 Matthew Van Meter
    7 Robert Byrom
    8 Leo Kates*
    Male D SPORT
    1 Soren Carlson
    2 Benn Wheeler
    3 Noah Wheeler
    4 David Kunz
    5 Eli Au
    6 Creed McFall
    7 Solomon Fitzgerald

    SPEED Running Order

    Female Junior SPEED
    1 Mollie Selmanoff
    2 Sabrina Dawson
    3 Brooke Weil
    4 Julianna Jimreivat
    5 Kennedy Logan

    Female A SPEED
    1 Claire Bresnan
    2 Nadja Osiander
    3 Kayla Lieuw
    4 Kira Ratcliffe
    5 Kerry Scott
    6 Tegan Wilson
    7 Ada Saker
    8 Zoe Steinberg
    9 Emma Wilson

    Female B SPEED
    1 Rachel Bisson
    2 Gabrielle Peralta
    3 Lauren Weinberger
    4 Madison Wester
    5 Leilani Peralta
    6 Amelia Siwa

    Female C SPEED
    1 Elise Shattuck
    2 Jenna Pearlstein
    3 Elizabeth Mealiea
    4 Olivia Harmanos
    5 Katy Wolfe
    6 Gwyneth Turner
    7 Arabella Jariel

    Female D SPEED
    1 Lucy Clayton
    2 Anupama McCulloch
    3 Cara Fields
    4 Jillian Vordick
    5 Lily Higgins

    Male Junior SPEED
    1 Steven Chu
    2 Nicholas Cotten

    Male A SPEED
    1 Gabriel Fish
    2 Mark Podrabinnik
    3 Matthew Lambdin
    4 Jesse Grupper
    5 Solomon Barth
    6 Jacob Woods
    7 Benjamin Schulman
    8 Chris Watts
    9 Chance Williams
    10 Nathan Schumacher
    11 Gregory Chu
    12 Randy Fawcett

    Male B SPEED
    1 Addison Guynn
    2 Matthew Bisson
    3 Eli Zajicek
    4 Brandon Lieuw
    5 Jon Erik Lupo
    6 Alec Laboski
    7 Matthew Ragle
    8 Andrei Raducanu
    9 Bryce Dubayah
    10 Jacob Fields
    11 Eric Jerome
    12 Ethan Moscoso

    Male C SPEED
    1 Griffin Barros-King
    2 Ryan Byrd
    3 Tyler Schwenk
    4 Noah Bratschi
    5 Matthew Van Meter
    Leo Kates*

    Male D SPEED
    1 Soren Carlson
    2 Benn Wheeler
    3 Noah Wheeler
    4 Eli Au
    5 Creed McFall

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