January 10, 2015

ABS 16 Division 5 Championships

Saturday-Sunday, January 10-11, 2015

Climbers with an invitation to Divisionals must register here no later than Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 11:59pm MT. Registration is your only means of accepting your invitation. Invitations that are not accepted are passed down to the next competitor. 2nd round invitation charts should be posted Thursday on the USA Climbing home page.

For the comp to run smoothly and successfully, please volunteer at 

Randi has procured a group deal for us for Divisionals at the Homewood Suites. Rooms will be $99 a night. They have set aside 20 rooms for us. Check your email or facebook page for the link. If you did not get the email, email me so I can add you to the list and send you the link.

Qualification Round - Saturday, 10 January 2015:
  • 4 climbs: 4 minutes to climb, 4 minutes of rest, no transition
  • Rolling isolation for Saturday qualification round
  • Each climber should check into isolation 20 minutes prior to their category's posted climbing time
  • Climbers are NOT allowed to enter the gym prior to entering ISO. If a climber enters the gym before they enter ISO they may be disqualified from the event.
  • Judges meetings will be at 9:10, 10:40, 12:10 -- attend only the meeting before your first shift -- meet by the speed wall
9:00 Isolation Opens
9:40 FYB, MYC, FYD Iso closes
10:00 FYB, MYC, FYD categories climbing begins
11:16 FYC, MYD, MYA Iso closes
11:20 FJR Iso closes
11:36 FYC, MYD, MYA categories climbing begins
11:40 FJR category climbing begins
12:48 FYA, MYB, MJR Iso closes
1:08 FYA, MYB, MJR categories climbing begins
3:30 Gym closes to all climbers, coaches and spectators to reset for finals

Full Qualifier running order available here.

TeamPRG Qualifier Running orders
start times are approximate
Start time Order Name Category
10:36 AM 10 Noah Wheeler MC
10:52 AM 14 Brodie Mccarthy FD
10:56 AM 15 Soren Carlson MC
11:12 AM 19 Olivia Harmanos FB
11:20 AM 21 Grace Barth FB
11:28 AM 23 Stephanie Celommi FB
11:44 AM 3 Allyson Trexler FC
11:48 AM 3 Zoe Steinberg FJR
11:48 AM 4 Anupama Mcculloch FC
11:48 AM 4 Creed Mcfall MD
12:08 PM 9 Colby Lairdieson MD
12:16 PM 10 Isabel Gourley FJR
12:20 PM 12 Conor Gourley MA
12:24 PM 13 Alex Pearlstein MA
12:24 PM 13 William Peralta MD
12:36 PM 16 Lucy Clayton FC
12:48 PM 19 Benn Wheeler MD
12:52 PM 20 Ben Maurer MA
1:20 PM 4 Jacob Allwein MB
1:28 PM 6 Gabrielle Peralta FA
1:28 PM 6 Kevin Celommi MB
1:28 PM 6 Jesse Grupper MJr
1:32 PM 7 Leilani Peralta FA
1:56 PM 13 Jacob Woods MJr
2:08 PM 16 Solomon Barth MJr
2:20 PM 19 Griffin Barros-King MB
2:24 PM 20 James Pesce MJr

Final Round for Top 10 from Qualifiers - Sunday, 11 January 2015: 
  • 3 climbs: 5 minutes to climb, 5 minutes of rest, no transition
  • Single isolation, all climbers and coaches must check into isolation by 9:40AM.
  • Top 7 in each category receive automatic invite to nationals in Madison, Wisconsin
9:00Isolation Opens for all climbers
9:00Judges meeting
9:40Isolation Closes for all climbers
9:45National Anthem
10:00FYB, MYC, FYD, MYB climbing begins
11:10FYA, FYC, MYD, MYA climbing begins
12:10FJR, MJR climbing begins
2:00(approx) Awards
TeamPRG Finals Running orders
start times are approximate
Start time Qualifier Place Name Category
10:04 10 Brodie Mccarthy FD
10:20 7 Olivia Harmanos FB
10:24 6 Grace Barth FB
10:36 1 Griffin Barros-King MB
11:22 7 Leilani Peralta FA
11:22 7 Lucy Clayton FC
11:22 7 Creed Mcfall MD
11:26 6 Gabrielle Peralta FA
11:26 6 Soren Carlson MC
11:30 5 Alex Pearlstein MA
11:42 2 Noah Wheeler MC
11:42 2 Benn Wheeler MD
12:18 8 Jesse Grupper MJr
12:30 5 Jacob Woods MJr
12:38 3 Solomon Barth MJr
12:46 1 Zoe Steinberg FJR

USAC Climber's Briefing

This Climber's Briefing is issued by USA Climbing. Please read it thoroughly and notice the items in RED. If you don't already know...