December 17, 2014

Nationals Training Cinic

Sunday, January 25
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

PRG Valley
255 South Mount Airy Road
Valley Township, PA 19320

Learn to Get More Tops from National Champions and the Coaches who Train Them!

Join National Youth Champions Zoe Steinberg, Jesse Grupper, Solomon Barth and their coaches, David Rowland & Randi Goldberg for a clinic dedicated to  improving your competitive climbing skills in a Nationals Onsight bouldering format.

The day will include:
  • Dedicated, fresh problems set to train specific sequencing skills and tricks needed to top Nationals and Onsight-style formats.
  • A practice "comp" format and training session to practice and enhance problem-reading and problem-solving skills.
  • Expert advice on competition strategy, sequencing, and focus in Onsight-style formats from climbers who have been there.
  • Expert coaching on technique and training from coaches who have trained 6 National Youth Champions and more than a dozen US Team Members.
  • Free Lunch!
All Ages Welcome

PRG Members: $109 per climber  |  Non-Members: $129 per climber

Click Here or call 877-822-7673 to sign up

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