January 10, 2015

ABS 16 Division 5 Qualifier Results

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Congrats to all Team PRG members who competed in the qualification round at Divisionals today. 16 team members placed in the top 10 in their respective categories and will compete in finals on Sunday. Top 7 in finals will receive automatic invitations to Nationals. Detailed scoring is be posted below team results. Click on each image to zoom in.

Qualifier Place Name Category
6* Gabrielle Peralta FA
7* Leilani Peralta FA
7* Olivia Harmanos FB
6* Grace Barth FB
20 Stephanie Celommi FB
20 Allyson Trexler FC
11 Anupama Mcculloch FC
7* Lucy Clayton FC
10* Brodie Mccarthy FD
1* Zoe Steinberg FJR
15 Isabel Gourley FJR
12 Conor Gourley MA
5* Alex Pearlstein MA
13 Ben Maurer MA
13 Jacob Allwein MB
18 Kevin Celommi MB
1* Griffin Barros-King MB
2* Noah Wheeler MC
6* Soren Carlson MC
7* Creed Mcfall MD
19 Colby Lairdieson MD
12 William Peralta MD
2* Benn Wheeler MD
8* Jesse Grupper MJr
5* Jacob Woods MJr
3* Solomon Barth MJr
11 James Pesce MJr

Female D

Female C

Female B

Female A

Female Jr

Male D

Male C

Male B

Male A

Male Jr

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