December 7, 2013

Capital Region Championship Results - 2013

USA Climbing Capital Region Bouldering Championships were held at the Philadelphia Rock Gym in Valley Township, PA today. 125 youth climbers from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and New Jersey competed in 5 male and 5 female age groups. Climbers each climbed 6 boulder problems with a time limit of 4 minutes for each and 4 minutes of rest inBetween. problems ranged in difficulty from V1 to V9+ depending on age group. The top 7 in each category (top 8 in FYA and FYD due to exceptions for continental champions and foreign nationals) advance to Division 5 Championships in January where climbers from Maine to Virginia will compete for the chance to go to the National Championship in Colorado in March.

The 21 TeamPRG members that advance to Divisionals are Zoe Steinberg, Brook Weil, Gabby Peralta, Leilani Peralta, Maddie Caccese, Grace Barth, Olivia Harmanos, Anu Mcculloch, Brody Mccarthy, Lucy Clayton, Ella Stuccio, Jesse Grupper, Jaco Woods, Solomon Barth, Alex Pearlstein, Griffin Barros-King, Noah Wheeler, Soren Carlson, Max Cohen, Creed Mcfall, and Ben Wheeler 

In the team competition, TeamPRG and Earthtreks tied for first place followed by Sport Rock and Doylestown. 

Individual results are listed below.

Male Youth B

Male Youth A

Female  Youth C

Female Youth D

Male Youth C

Male Youth D

Female Youth B

Female Youth A

Female Junior

Male Junior

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