May 12, 2013

TeamPRG Wins 2013 SCS Capitol Region Championship

It was an was an incredible day for TeamPRG at the 2013 SCS Regional Championship at Earthtreks Climbing Center in Rockville, MD. The team pulled together and even though they had 15 fewer competitors than the Earthtreks reigning champs they were able to out score them by 30 points for the upset, 1660 to 1630. 

The 32 Team PRG participants collected 8 gold, 13 silver and 7 bronze medals in Sport and Speed events. 28 team members earned automatic bids to the Division 5 Championships to be held in Watertown, MA next month where they will compete against climbers from Maine to Virginia. 

Congratulations to all who participated. Thanks to our Coaches Randi Goldberg and David Rowland. Thanks to the parents for the refreshments and support.

Our 2013 Divisional teams consists of:

Female Youth D
Male Youth D
Anupama Mcculloch - Sport, Speed
Noah Wheeler - Sport, Speed
Cara Fields - Sport, Speed
Benn Wheeler - Sport, Speed
Lily Higgins - Sport, Speed
Soren Carlson - Sport, Speed
Creed Mcfall - Sport, Speed
Female Youth C
Male Youth C
Grace Barth - Sport, Speed
Tyler Schwenk - Sport, Speed
Olivia Harmanos - Sport, Speed
Ryan Byrd - Sport, Speed
Jenna Pearlstein - Sport
Griffin Barros-King - Sport, Speed
Gwyneth Turner - Sport
Matthew Van Meter - Sport, Speed
Leo Kates - Speed
Female Youth B
Male Youth B
Leilani Peralta - Sport, Speed
Conor Gourley - Sport
Gabrielle Peralta - Sport, Speed
Alex Pearlstein - Sport
Madison Wester - Sport, Speed
Female Youth A
Male Youth A
Zoe Steinberg - Sport, Speed
Jesse Grupper - Sport, Speed
Solomon Barth - Sport, Speed
Jacob Woods - Sport, Speed
Gregory Chu - Speed
Female Junior
Male Junior
Brooke Weil - Sport, Speed
Steven Chu - Sport, Speed

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