November 16, 2017

Team PRG Sleep Over and Social

PRG team sleepovers are opportunities to allow junior and senior team members across all four PRG locations in Oaks, Coatesville, East Falls and Wyncote to get to know each other to become a more cohesive team. Typical activities include climbing, team-building activities such as crate stacking, hide & seek, movies, board games, and giving Coach Tom a headache. Kids are welcome to bring games to share. 

Sleepover commences immediately after the Dyno Comp at the East Falls location on Saturday, December 16, 2017. Kids do NOT have to be registered for the Dyno Comp to attend the sleepover.  Please arrive no later than 6:30 pm. Sleepover lock down is 7 pm.

PRG will provide at least two senior-level coaches to provide supervision throughout the event. They always strive to have at least one male and one female coach. At lights out, boys are required to sleep on one side of the gym and girls are required to sleep on the other side. There will be clear separation and supervision.

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Attendance is FREE. A pizza dinner will also be provided at no additional cost. We only ask for food or beverage contributions to keep the kids and coaches well fed during the event.   


We would like to request food/beverage contributions to supplement the pizza that will be provided for dinner, snacking and breakfast. Additionally, a few parent volunteers are needed to assist with the food scene so coaches can focus on the kids.

Please click on the "What to Bring" portion on the left-hand side of the Evite to sign up.

Bring your climbing gear, sleeping bag, pillow and any other items you consider bedtime necessities.  Electronics are permitted (please bring headphones).

Please do not bring anything valuable as the gym is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Note:  If your child travels with any special needs such as Epipens or medical devices – please contact Coach Tom and Kim Beckey ( to ensure these items get into the correct hands.

Any additional questions still about the sleepover, contact any of the following individuals:
  • Kim Beckey (
  • Will Beckey (
  • Tom Meehan ( 

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