July 15, 2014

Sunburn 2014

Slab - Dynos - Top-Outs - Routes - Bouldering

Sunburn banner
July 26, 2014
at PRG - Valley
255 South Mount Airy Road
Valley Township, PA 19320
10:00 am Check-in 
11:00 am Pre-lims Start         
4:00 pm Pre-lims End  
Barbecue begins
6:30 pm Open Finals Start                
8:30 pm Open Finals End
Awards & Party to Follow!
Click Here to Register or call 877-822-7673 
$40.00 Pre-Registered / $45.00 at the Door 
 Pre-registration deadline is Friday, July 25th, 2014.
All Pre-registered competitors received a FREE T-Shirt!
Food and drink included for all registered climbers

Spectators: $12.00 Pre-registered  /  $15.00 at the Door 
 Food and drink included for all spectators

  • Youth age 11 and under
  • Novice (up to V1+ or 5.8)  
  • Advanced (V2- to V5 or 5.11) 
  • Open (V5+ or 5.11+ & up)
  • Youth age 11 and under
  • Novice (up to V3- or 5.9)  
  • Advanced (V3 to V7 or 5.12a)   
  • Open (V7+ or 5.12b & up)
    Citizens and Youth

The Sun Burn Format brings a relaxed, outdoor feel to the competition circuit. The event will consist of 5 disciplines, which will have their own winners in each category. Climbers may enter any number of disciplines that they wish in each category, the climber who sends the highest number of problems (tops), with the fewest total falls will win. Number of climbs and falls are counted, not difficulty.

Climbers who climb in all 5 disciplines will be eligible to win the Overall Title. The climber who ranks highest in the greatest number of disciplines will win.


Slab: Each category will have between 8 and 12 problems available.
Dynos: Each category will have between 8 and 12 dynos available.
Top-Outs: Each category will have between 8 and 12 top-out boulder problems.
Routes: Each category will have between 5 and 8 routes available.
Bouldering: Each category will have between 8 and 15 problems available.
Overall Winner: There will be an overall winner selected based on the best ranked result from each of the 5 disciplines. Overall winners will be chose for Youth and Citizens.

    Open Climbers

Open Qualifiers will consist of the following: Each climber must complete at least one routes/problem in each of the 5 disciplines. Ranking will consist of the highest average number of sends across disciplines. The top 50% or 8 climbers (whichever is smaller) in each gender will qualify for finals.

Open Finals will be a World Cup format containing 2 Boulder Problems and 1 Route. Climbers will have 5 minutes to climb each (route or problem) to high point, using falls to break ties. There will be a 5 minute rest in between problems/route.   
The Route portion of the event will have leadable routes for Youth and Citizens; however, leading will only be required for Open competitors in Finals. All competitors who lead must either be currently certified for Lead at a PRG Climbing Center or through an equivalent course. 

Volunteers make these events the best they can possibly be. Volunteers can help with judging, scoring, set up, and route setting If you would like to volunteer for the Sun Burn in any one of these areas, please contact Randi Goldberg

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