January 13, 2013

ABS 2012 Youth Division 5 Finals Results

photo by Isabelle Gourley

Congrats to everyone! 

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Cara Fields- 15th
Noah Wheeler- 2nd* 
Soren Carlson- 6th* 
Creed McFall- 11th
Benn Wheeler- 13th
Grace Barth- 3rd*
Tyler Schwenk- 2nd*
Olivia Harmanos -18th
Griffin Barros-King- 5th*
Jenna Pearlstein- 19th
Jacob Allwein- 18th
Leilani Peralta- 2nd*
Alex Pearlstein- 10th
Gabrielle Peralta- 7th*
Conor Gourley- 14th
Zoe Steinberg- 1st*
Jesse Grupper- 1st*
Solomon Barth- 3rd*
Jacob Woods- 10th
Brooke Weil- 7th*
*1st Round National Invitaion

The deadline to accept your first round invitation is Wednesday, January 16th at 11:59pm Mountain Time.

At the conclusion of the 1st round invitation registration deadline, USAC will post a 1st Round Invitation Acceptance Chart.  Competitors who have not accepted their 1st round invitation will have an additional 24-hour window to register and accept their invitation for additional fee of $100.00.

The only notification for 2nd and 3rd round invitees is via the posted invitation chart on the USAC website.  Competitors receiving a 2nd or 3rd round invitation have 48 hours, from the posting of the invitation chart, to register for the event.

Thanks to Randi for posting these results.

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