September 2, 2015

USA Climbing Registration

Don't forget to register with USA climbing for each new season. Memberships expire on August 31, prior to the start of the Bouldering season, regardless of your renewal date.

Competitors need to be registered with USA Climbing for the local events to be eligible to compete in Regional, Divisional and National championship events. You must sign up within 24 hours of a local event for that event to count toward the minimum required local competition to be eligible for championships.

Region: 702 - Rustbelt
Team Name: Philadelphia Rock Gym
Coach: Dave Rowland / Tom Meehan
2014-2015 Season Youth & Junior Categories:
  • Youth D / born in the years 2007 or later
  • Youth C / born in the years 2005 & 2006
  • Youth B / born in the years 2003 & 2004
  • Youth A / born in the years 2001 & 2002
  • Junior   / born in the years 1999 & 2000


Rope Burn 2019 Results

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