December 11, 2015

2015 Rustbelt Regional Bouldering Championships

December 12, 2015 
6513 Kingsmill Ct
Columbus, OH

Top 10 in each category earn automatic invitations to the Division 7 Championships at The Gravity Vault in Upper Saddle River, NJ where the best climbers in DE, OH, MD, NJ,  PA, VA, & WV will convene for a 2 day competition to determine who will go on to Nationals.

Registration closed at 11:59PM (MST) on November 30th, 2015. 

Complete your waiver now at

Bouldering Youth Regional Championships are open only to USAC competitor members who:

  • have competed in a minimum of, and received credit for, two local competitions as a USAC member (Note: a Day-member pass does NOT qualify)
  • meet all registration requirements and/or deadlines
  • have a Bye to the event 
6 onsite problems per category 3:30 climbing, 0:30 transition, 4:00 rest

7:00ISO Opens FYD, MYD, FYB
7:30ISO Closes FYD, MYD, FYB
Judges Meeting
7:40Gym open to spectators
8:00Climbing Begins FYD, FYB
9:00Climbing begins MYD
ISO opens FYC, MYC, FYA, FJr
9:30ISO closes for FYC, MYC, FYA, FJr
9:52Tweak time for ground floor begins
10:00Climbing begins for FYC
10:08Climbing begins for FYA
10:48Climbing begins for FJr
11:48Climbing ends on Mezzanine
11:20Climbing begins for MYC
12:30ISO Opens MYB, MYA
13:00ISO Closes MYB, MYA
Climbing ends on ground floor
13:30Climbing begins MYB, MYA
15:38Climbing ends MYB
15:58Climbing begins MJr
18:10Climbing ends MJr
18:30approx Awards

Running Orders:

1KellichMiaPhiladelphia Rock Gym29244625Youth DFemale0.0008328:00 AMGround Floor
3FieldsCaraPhiladelphia Rock Gym20648996Youth BFemale0.0898328:08 AMMezzanine
4CelommiStephaniePhiladelphia Rock Gym28324735Youth BFemale0.1248888:12 AMMezzanine
5CohenNadiaPhiladelphia Rock Gym29241940Youth DFemale0.0553768:16 AMGround Floor
7McDevittMeghanPhiladelphia Rock Gym28324862Youth BFemale0.2136988:24 AMMezzanine
8PottasserilKadambariPhiladelphia Rock Gym28322217Youth BFemale0.2412858:28 AMMezzanine
9MCCARTHYBRODIEPhiladelphia Rock Gym26354456Youth DFemale0.4676978:32 AMGround Floor
10JenckesMaiaPhiladelphia Rock Gym28327042Youth BFemale0.2699868:36 AMMezzanine
15HarmanosOliviaPhiladelphia Rock Gym14348946Youth BFemale0.3091658:56 AMMezzanine
17BarthGracePhiladelphia Rock Gym12143875Youth BFemale0.3516429:04 AMMezzanine
5WheelerBennPhiladelphia Rock Gym26322230Youth DMale0.5413779:16 AMGround Floor
21TrexlerAllysonPhiladelphia Rock Gym26410169Youth BFemale0.5522639:20 AMMezzanine
6NichiloCorneliusPhiladelphia Rock Gym29242045Youth DMale0.6023839:20 AMGround Floor
22McCullochAnupamaPhiladelphia Rock Gym26356742Youth BFemale0.5906559:24 AMMezzanine
7VitzJaredPhiladelphia Rock Gym29241627Youth DMale0.6668129:24 AMGround Floor
23BallHadleyPhiladelphia Rock Gym29244627Youth BFemale0.6953409:28 AMMezzanine
8VitzConnorPhiladelphia Rock Gym29241626Youth DMale0.7115359:28 AMGround Floor
9GodfreyMason JonesPhiladelphia Rock Gym29241125Youth DMale0.7313349:32 AMGround Floor
2ClaytonLucyPhiladelphia Rock Gym26362498Youth CFemale0.03410610:04 AMGround Floor
11McClureLillianPhiladelphia Rock Gym28326583Youth CFemale0.57246310:40 AMGround Floor
10GartnerAlexandraPhiladelphia Rock Gym29243917Youth AFemale0.98294510:44 AMMezzanine
2GourleyIsabelPhiladelphia Rock Gym12142960JuniorFemale0.35219310:52 AMMezzanine
3PeraltaGabriellePhiladelphia Rock Gym14351226JuniorFemale0.38759610:56 AMMezzanine
16CarverCailynPhiladelphia Rock Gym28364442Youth CFemale0.77961511:00 AMGround Floor
5PeraltaLeilaniPhiladelphia Rock Gym14351225JuniorFemale0.77418911:04 AMMezzanine
10McFallCreedPhiladelphia Rock Gym20598200Youth CMale0.63033911:56 AMGround Floor
16LairdiesonColbyPhiladelphia Rock Gym28325760Youth CMale0.98967012:20 PMGround Floor
1PearlsteinAlexPhiladelphia Rock Gym14348387Youth AMale0.0490951:30 PMMezzanine
4VanMeterMattPhiladelphia Rock Gym28324548Youth AMale0.0862521:42 PMMezzanine
8ComiskeyShayPhiladelphia Rock Gym26407521Youth AMale0.2368891:58 PMMezzanine
11CohenMaxPhiladelphia Rock Gym26406912Youth BMale0.5136972:10 PMGround Floor
12WheelerNoahPhiladelphia Rock Gym14348813Youth BMale0.5900732:14 PMGround Floor
13AllweinJacobPhiladelphia Rock Gym20648711Youth AMale0.4813432:18 PMMezzanine
14VitzBrendanPhiladelphia Rock Gym28336092Youth BMale0.6573642:22 PMGround Floor
16VincentLukePhiladelphia Rock Gym29243016Youth AMale0.5472902:30 PMMezzanine
17CelommiKevinPhiladelphia Rock Gym28324734Youth AMale0.5608702:34 PMMezzanine
18KatesLeoPhiladelphia Rock Gym26369232Youth AMale0.5817302:38 PMMezzanine
18Kassell OsborneFinnPhiladelphia Rock Gym28326049Youth BMale0.8922812:38 PMGround Floor
19CohenVaughnPhiladelphia Rock Gym29241939Youth BMale0.9046652:42 PMGround Floor
22KaercherCaseyPhiladelphia Rock Gym14349046Youth AMale0.6334932:54 PMMezzanine
25FortunoMarcusPhiladelphia Rock Gym29244096Youth AMale0.6759003:06 PMMezzanine
27FranksElijahPhiladelphia Rock Gym26408383Youth AMale0.7538373:14 PMMezzanine
28BurdetteGavinPhiladelphia Rock Gym29244079Youth AMale0.7973903:18 PMMezzanine
33NewmanEthanPhiladelphia Rock Gym28324378Youth AMale0.9132803:38 PMMezzanine
34SchwenkTylerPhiladelphia Rock Gym14348956Youth AMale0.9666273:42 PMMezzanine
35ByrdRyanPhiladelphia Rock Gym20601857Youth AMale0.9882933:46 PMMezzanine
2PesceJamesPhiladelphia Rock Gym14389864JuniorMale0.0841294:02 PMMezzanine
3LawrenceHeathPhiladelphia Rock Gym20598528JuniorMale0.1171654:06 PMMezzanine
5Park IVGeorgePhiladelphia Rock Gym26317192JuniorMale0.1681904:14 PMMezzanine
15GourleyConorPhiladelphia Rock Gym12142961JuniorMale0.8377924:54 PMMezzanine
18WoodsJacobPhiladelphia Rock Gym12204359JuniorMale0.9190035:06 PMMezzanine
22BarthSolomon*None/Not listed7143090JuniorMale0.9777545:22 PMMezzanine

Hilton Garden $109 (Room Block)
8535 Lyra Dr, Columbus, OH 43240
Phone: (614) 846-8884
GroupCode: CLIMB

Holiday Inn Worthington
7007 N High St, Worthington, OH 43085Phone: (614) 436-0700

Hampton Inn
Address: 8411 Pulsar Pl, Columbus, OH 43240Phone:(614) 885-8400

Crown Plaza North
6500 Doubletree Ave, Columbus, OH 43229
Phone: (614) 885-1885

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