February 19, 2015

TeamPRG places 3rd at Bouldering Nationals!

TeamPRG showed up to ABS Nationals in Madison, Wisconsin with a team of 13 climbers. This elite group was TeamPRG's largest national qualifying bouldering team to date. Zoe and Noah both took second in their categories while Leilani, Sol, and Jesse made it to finals.

TeamPRG scored 381 total points, besting Team Texas's 23 climbers by 44 points. Team ABC from Colorado took first place and second place went to Vertical World of Seattle both with significantly larger representation then TeamPRG.

Individual placements for TeamPRG

Final Place Name Category
7 Leilani Peralta FA
29 Gabrielle Peralta FA
16 Grace Barth FB
2 Zoe Steinberg FJR
21 Alex Pearlstein MA
21 Griffin Barros-King MB
2 Noah Wheeler MC
36 Soren Carlson MC
19 Benn Wheeler MD
27 Creed Mcfall MD
6 Solomon Barth MJr
11 Jesse Grupper MJr
13 Jacob Woods MJr

Rope Burn 2019 Results

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