November 10, 2014

USA Climbing Rulebook Update 2014

The USA Climbing Rulebook was updated on October 10, 2014. Changes are highlighted in Section 1.

All competitors and parents should familiarize themselves with it.

Significant Changes – Overview 
o Revision of Rules 5.4, 10.4.3 and 11: To conform to USAC’s adoption of the SafeSport
o Clarification of Rule 5.4.4: Youth Team Championship participation.
o Clarification of Rule 5.5.3: ABS and SCS season competitions.
o Revision of Rule 5.11.4 a): Number of routes/problems for SCS and ABS competitions.
o Revision of Rule 5.11.4 (k) and (l): Redpoint format final score tabulation.
o Adoption of 5.12.9: CCS Regional Championship format.
o Adoption of Rules 5.18.5: Definition of “Hold” and “Handhold.”
o Adoption of Rules 5.18.6, 5.18.7 and 5.18.8: Start and Finish holds.
o Clarification of Rule 5.18.9: Prior to an attempt, competitors may only touch the marked
starting hold(s). If the competitor touches any other holds, they will be charged with an
o Adoption of Rule 5.18.10: Control of start holds.
o Revision of Rule 5.18.11: Start of attempt.
o Adoption of Rule 5.18.12: Finish holds.
o Revision of Rule 5.25.9: Technical incident, Speed climbing.
o Clarification of Rule 5.28.1: Control.
o Revision of Rule 5.28.2: Route map, scoring.
o Clarification of Rule 5.28.4, 5.28.5 and 5.28.7 Scoring – Sport, Speed and Bouldering.
o Revision of Rule 5.31: Ties.
o Elimination of Rule 5.38.5: All redpoint problems must be clearly taped for the entire
route. Onsight problems/routes do not require taping provide there is a clear climbing
“lane” as to not cause confusion or interference to/from another competitor.
o Revision of Rules 6.10.1, 6.10.2 and 6.10.3: Sport climbing rankings.
o Revision of Rule 7.3.2: Route timing, Speed climbing.
o Revision of Rule 7.6.10: False starts, Speed climbing.
o Adoption of Rule 7.8: Ties, Speed climbing.
o Adoption of Rule 8.3.2: Climbing time recorded announcement, Bouldering.
o Revision of Rules 8.4.1, 8.4.2 and 8.4.3: Rankings, Bouldering.

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