January 12, 2014

ABS 15 Youth Division 5 Championship Final Results

 Final Results 
ABS 15 Division 5 Championships 
January 12, 2014
The Gravity Vault in Upper Saddle River, NJ

Team PRG for placed 2nd overall at Divisionals!

Individual placements:

Zoe Steinberg - 2nd FJR, invite to Nationals 
Brooke Marie Weil - 8th FJR

Leilani Peralta - 6th FYA, invite to Nationals
Gabby Peralta - 8th FYA

Maddy Caccese - 19th FYB

Grace Barth - 3rd FYC , invite to Nationals
Olivia Harmanos - 7th FYC , invite to Nationals (first ABS Nationals!)
Anupama McCulloch - 15th

Lucy Clayton - 18th FYD
Brodie McCarthy - 19th FYD
Ella Stuccio - 22nd FYD

Solomon Barth - 3rd MYA, invite to Nationals
Jesse Grupper - 4th MYA, invite to Nationals 
Jacob Woods - 5th MYA, invite to Nationals (first ABS Nationals!)

Alex Pearlstein - 1st MYB, invite to Nationals

Noah Wheeler - 1st MYC, invite to Nationals
Griffin Barros-King - 3rd MYC, invite to Nationals
Soren Carlson - 17th MYC

Benn Wheeler - 6th MYD, invite to Nationals (first ABS Nationals!)
Creed McFall - 9th MYD

Congrats to everyone! 

Anyone who qualified for Nationals needs to register by Wednesday, 1/15/2014. Look for second round invitations toward the end of the week.

Female Junior

Female A

Female B

Female C

Female D

Male Junior

Male A

Male B

Male C

Male D

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