November 10, 2012

Climbathon Fundraiser

On November 11, 2012, from 11 am to 2 pm, Team PRG will be holding its first and potentially most important team event of the season, a Climbathon fundraiser!

Through the Climbathon, team members will earn team paraphernalia and raise money for team expenses like competition fees, travel costs, and training supplies.

In the weeks prior to the actual Climbathon, team members should collect sponsorships from friends, family, neighbors, and anyone willing to give their support to our youth climbing team. Donations are welcomed in flat amounts as well as per-climb sponsorships (no more than $1 climb); these amounts can be small, as even $.05 or $.10 per climb adds up over a few hours of climbing.

The Climbathon itself will be held at PRG Valley on November 11, during which time Team PRG climbers will gather together and complete as many climbs as they can during a set time frame. After the event is complete, climbers will go back to their sponsors to collect the donations they have earned. Sponsor donations must be turned in by Sunday, December 2nd, along with the order form.

This fundraiser relies on participation- Climbers should be motivated to collect as many sponsors as possible to earn prizes for themselves as well as valuable and needed funds for their team; any amount donated is
greatly appreciated.

Here's a link that you may use if you choose for getting climbathon donations. You can post this link on facebook or other social media or email it to whomever you want to get a donation from.  Traditional donations are also ok, you do not have to use the fundly link.

Good luck to all team members, and happy fundraising!

Level 1 ($35 Raised):  Team T-Shirt or Tank Top with Name & Number
Level 2 ($75 Raised):  Team Chalk Bag by Practical Climbing
Level 3 ($125 Raised): Team Athletic Shorts
Level 4 ($200 Raised): Team Sweatshirt
Level 5 ($325 Raised): Team Sweatpants
Level 6 ($450 Raised): Team Crazy Creek Chair

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