September 12, 2012

2012-2013 Practice Schedule

PRG Team Practice, planks

Practices will begin Monday, September 17th.

The team schedule will be the same as last year-

Oaks Junior Team
Monday- 6-8
Thursday- 5-7
Sunday- 4-6:30

Oaks Senior Team 
Monday- 7-9
Wednesday- 7-9
Sunday- 4-6:30

Valley Junior & Senior Team
Tuesday- 7-9
Thursday- 7-9
Saturday- 10-12

Climbers are expected to make at least 2 practices per week.

There is no team practice on Saturdays of the team sponsored competitions (10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 12/8)

USAC Climber's Briefing

This Climber's Briefing is issued by USA Climbing. Please read it thoroughly and notice the items in RED. If you don't already know...